About Us

Human beings have evolved for many years and at one point ate uncooked foods. Therefore this type of feeding is not strange to our systems. Their structures of jaws, teeth, enzyme chemical composition, saliva, ph of their bowels and their design of digestive systems are so fit to eat raw food.

The founder of this website is dedicated to educating people about the raw food diet; after a life spent eating processed, cooked foods his life was changed when he decided to adopt a raw food diet. Our founder is a much healthier person today due to this diet change, and he wants others to become healthy too!

A raw food diet is whereby most food ingested is food such as uncooked fruits and vegetables, nuts seeds and young plants of grains such as millet. As long as their preparation does not involve heat and is completely uncooked, then it is raw.

Raw food diet comes along with various benefits as long as they are eaten fresh. The first advantage is that the users of raw food have high levels of energy and very good sleep that is better as compared to people who eat cooked food. Enough sleep means that the users will look young and their skin rejuvenates. Persons under the diet will shed reasonable weight making it efficient for overweight people. They show signs of happiness and joy as a result of the above.
Digestions in their body systems are enhanced. Conditions like heart diseases, cancer and diabetes are highly avoided. Heat is a minor factor that causes cancer since it encourages inflammatory responses that may lead to alteration of cell functions (cancer).

Since most people have been eating poorly over time, it will take some time for the advantages to be seen. This is because a number of health issues have accumulated and the body will definitely need time to solve the issues.

Processed foods are a burden to the digestion system and to health of course. Cooked food forms dangerous toxins that create diseases to their bodies. Raw foods on the opposite side have all proteins intact, carbohydrates, lipids and undenatured vitamins. All these provide vital nutrients needed by humans to thrive healthily.

Desirable components in uncooked food are the following;
Alkaline property of food which create balance in our bodies helping them assimilate nutrients and oxygen from the blood, waste release from the cells among others like bone mineralization. Consumption of plenty water is a requirement. Raw food has enough fiber to clean tracts, antioxidants to protect cells from free radicals that create stress to body cells leading to aging and wrinkling of skin.

Enzymes that complete digestion; this eases the body from using enzymes, sparing them for other uses. Chemical reactions will occur, efficiently digesting and metabolizing food hence good hormone production.

Phytonutrients that support vitamins; these trace elements are catalysts for good functional cells and strengthen the immune system and slows aging.

Biophotons having incredible life force; fresh foods of less than 3 hours contain these biophotons. Sprouting is the best way to get nutrients into bodies especially when users have their own gardens.

The Raw Diet as seen above is a good way to improve your health, and the individual can switch into it at their own pace. Diets composed of 50% to 100% raw food enjoy superior health qualities.