Best Food For Camping? Freeze Dried!

Freeze dried foods are a smart choice when going camping. They are lightweight, healthy, nutritious, easy to rehydrate and long-lasting. Plus, it’s real food that tastes good. As you are shopping for freeze dried foods to go camping, try to avoid foods with additives, preservative or extra fiber. These can lead to unpleasant gastrointestinal issues.

Many people find cup-style packaging to be more travel-friendly. Also, look for foods that are specially packaged to ensure hygiene and do not require extensive cooking facilities. Quick-prep entrees in laminated polyester, polyethylene and foil reseal able stand-up pouches are usually a good choice.

Why Choose Freeze-Dried Foods?

Many campers prefer freeze-dried food because the process does little damage to the taste, tissue or aroma. Plus, the products are easily reconstituted and quickly return to their pre-dried state. This helps to ensure campers will be able to enjoy a nutritious, tasty, hearty meal in the great outdoors. This can help to make the camping experience a lot more fun. On the other hand, eating barely palatable gruel with the consistency of oatmeal can turn some people off from camping. Also, the more nutritious meals give people more energy and brighten their perspective.

Best Foods to Take

The food you take on your camping trip can make a dramatic difference in how much you enjoy the outdoor experience. Dried fruit is an excellent choice because it is a good source of nutrients, taste great and does not require much, if any, preparation. Raisins are antioxidant rich and go great with oatmeal and trail mix. Dried prunes, dates, apples and apricots are also good choices. Jerky made with beef, turkey, lamb or venison are also popular choices because they are tasty, nutritious, inexpensive and easy to prepare and eat while camping. Oats are also popular. They can be mixed with milk or water to make a nutritious, energizing breakfast or mixed with dried fruits for a snack.

Ready-To-Eat Meals

There is a wide assortment of ready-to-eat meals ideal for camping trips. These freeze-dried products come in many combinations and can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. They’re easy to prepare and many are of very high quality. Also, because most have a shelf-life in excess of 2 years, so they can be purchased in bulk to makes them more affordable. Many of these meals get 5-star ratings based on their taste, aroma and nutritional content.

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