Best Mobile Health Apps For Your Smartphone

You can stay on the track to great health simply by putting that smartphone you carry in your pocket to good use. A smartphone with the best health apps combined with your hard work and discipline can lead you to a healthier future. Below are some of the best health apps available. Now start downloading and get to work!

Couch to 5K

If you want to go from a couch potato to a running expert, Couch to 5K is the perfect fitness app for you. It’s a free eight week jogging and running program that lets you ease into being able to complete a long run. It gives users workout routines that start from walking, so even if you have never been into working out this app can help you get started.

Map My Run

Map My Run is a great app for people that love to run without distractions. It allows you to control music and even silence calls while working out. This app counts calories as you burn them, maps your entire run and tells you your peak running times. Your workout is a detailed in great depth so you can figure out what is working best for you on your run.

Daily Yoga

Yoga is a great health choice, as it can help increase lean muscle and flexibility. And the best thing about Daily Yoga is you’ll never be bored. There are over 50 videos you can follow. Whether you want yoga exercises that train your core, strengthen your flexibility or give you a calming workout, Daily Yoga has a video for you.


Rise is a great app that keeps you on target by giving you a partner. Rise pairs you with a nutritionist to keep you on track. You send them photos of your food each day so they can monitor you. Whatever your fitness goals may be, your nutritionist will help guide you toward them.


Googling symptoms usually leads you down a scary road. HealthTap is an app that partners you with a network of doctors. One of these doctors will answer your questions about your symptoms and reply within hours. You can also use HealthTap’s library to find information on some of the most common health issues. With a paid membership you can text with a network of doctors to make sure you do not need further medical attention.

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