Can A Raw Food Diet Help Depression?

There is a lot of debate about raw food, especially when you are looking at aspects that affect the body such as mental disorders, including depression. One of the greatest advantages to eating whole foods is it is literally what our ancestors ate and therefore, is one of the healthiest ways that a person can eat.

Consuming raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, and other raw foods are “real” food. in their most natural state. There is a lot to be said about converting to this type of eating, mostly based on the fact that the entire Western world has adopted a “fake” diet. The food that most people eat every single day has so many additives and preservatives that it can hardly even be called food, compared to when you look at food in its natural and raw state. There are many studies available which prove that consuming the typical American diet, or any other country in the Western world for that matter, leads to depression. This is an absolute fact and has been proven time and time again, as the human body is not meant to ingest all of the toxic chemicals that we ingest through common meals, each and every day.

While it is absolutely healthier for the body to eat raw foods, it is debatable whether the changes that occur in the body come from simply consuming the raw and vegan foods, or whether the elimination of depression is a result of eliminating the chemicals from the processed foods. Most of the tests that have been done show that there is a direct correlation between converting to a raw foods diet and a body that is free of depression. If you are struggling with depression, there is a large chance that it is due to the processed foods you are consuming. Another thing to consider is the fact that eating raw foods usually results in weight loss and a healthier overall body. This in itself is a major contributor when it comes to depression. Many people who have switched to a raw foods diet and who are struggling with depression, find that their depression has been eliminated when they switched to a raw foods diet. If you are suffering from depression, rather than going to a psychiatrist who is going to put you on medication, a more practical route may be to try a raw foods diet.

If you are suffering from depression, please contact your doctor or local support group who are always there to listen and help.

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