Dried Apples: Good and Good For You!

You may use dried apples for several purposes, and you will find it quite helpful to use them in dishes that were once a bit boring! This article explains how to use dried apples in your food, and you will find a few steps that will make drying apples simple. You are free to dry any apple you like for your dishes, and you may eat them directly or added to other foods.

1. Drying Any Apple

You must choose the style of apple you like most, and you may use an apple you enjoy eating every day. The apples you choose will hold their flavor after drying, and you will see the color on the skins remain even when drying is complete. You may dry several different styles of apple, and you may use them in several different dishes. For example, some will work better in savory dishes than others.

2. You Must Dry Them on A Flat Surface

The flat surface you dry on may be a rack in a specialty fruit dehydrator, or you may use a sheet pan that sits in your oven. You are attempting to take all the moisture out of each apple, and they will begin to reduce in size and shrivel. It is a simple process to begin as you use the lowest heat possible on your oven. A dehydrator uses a fan and low heat, and you must wait several hours before the fruit are dry.

3. Cut Thin Slices

You must cut thin slices when you are drying fruit, and you will find it quite helpful to use a sharp knife for the process. The apples will dry faster, and they will be quite easy to use when you are laying them out for drying. You will cut down on drying time, and the fruits will be easier to pick up and eat.

4. Using Dried Fruit in Salads and Mixes

You may create salads and mixes from your dried fruit, and it will be quite easy to use the fruits as they blend well with other flavors. They will take on the flavor of other foods, and they will offer a nice texture you are not getting in other foods you are eating.

You may use dried fruit at any time when you are cooking, and it will be a lovely addition to any meal. You deserve to eat well when you are at home, and dried fruit makes a lovely snack or meal addition.

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