Eat Raw To Stay Healthy

Adding more raw food to our diet enables us to stay healthy by ingesting vitamins, fiber and calcium that are vital to regulating our body functions. In fact, there are several other advantages of raw food. For instance, it allows us to retain essential water, which otherwise evaporates due to excessive heat in cooking. Besides, intestinal functions of human body gain momentum by replenishing the body detox. Raw foods also help absorb nutrients making us less depended on vitamins and other health supplements. If you are ready to take the next step, here are some tips to get you started:

How to Add More Raw Foods to Your Diet

As a first step, remember that most vegetables can be eaten raw. Basically, it is better to eat vegetables uncooked. For instance broccoli and other green vegetables taste better if you eat them raw by putting on salad dressing. Amazingly, some green vegetables like broccoli has more Vitamin C than grapefruit and orange, if uncooked.

Always do your research before buying raw food as some food items may take much longer to cook. Instead of going to your typical grocery store, check with the health-conscious ‘Green Stores’ that focus on selling raw food and offer important information on nutritional values. It is also good idea to shop online from a reputable ‘Green Store’ without visiting a physical storefront. This will keep you from adding things to your grocery basket that you may not need.

In reality, not every raw food taste good. If you end up buying food that does not taste good you will end up sabotaging your efforts by killing your appetite. If possible, ask food experts or shop assistants about the taste, if you are concerned. Some stores will let you taste a fruit or vegetable before purchase.

Nowadays, medical science has advanced to an extent where you can easily grow your favorite vegetables in small pots. Actually it is an increasing health trend, which allows anyone to produce health vegetables in an indoor environment. Still, if you like gardening, it is better to grow these foods outside.

Generally, raw food comes in two types, perishable and non-perishable. For perishable items such as fresh vegetables, it is always best to buy fresh in small quantities and shop often. In contrast, it is better to buy nonperishable foods like nuts and dry fruit in large quantity.

Lastly, start adding raw foods in small quantities. Perhaps, you should start with one item per meal and improve your dietary habits as you go along. At the end of the day, you will feel more energetic.

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