Food Trends of 2015

2015 is the year for new plant based or whole food trends. Plant based and whole food are considered to be on the healthier side of things and can help with weight loss as well as optimizing health overall.

This new trend in food is based around the idea of less meat, less refined sugar, and less saturated fat.

Beans and lentils are super foods that contain a huge amount of fiber that is needed on a daily basis. All types of beans or lentils will do; the more variety the better! From pinto, to black beans and green beans, there are all types to choose from.

Fresh Veggies and Fruits! Complex carbohydrates of course are included in the trends for 2015, which include veggies, fruits, beans, and whole grains. Processed carbs are not something that is included in the plant based and whole food lifestyle. You want healthy food; ‘whole food’ meaning in its natural state. The complex carbs found in the foods described above help with regulating blood sugar and providing energy. Examples of complex carbs include tomatoes, peppers, black beans, and whole wheat toast. A new veggie to watch out for is what is being called kalettes. This veggie is somewhere between a Brussels sprout and kale.

Nuts and seeds will definitely be seen as a food trend this year. Nuts and seeds contain fat and protein for everyday needs. Sodium can be a problem, so all nuts and seeds should be unsalted. Examples are flax seeds, walnuts, and almonds. Raw versions of these include more nutritional factors than if they were served in other ways.

Plant protein is a great way to obtain daily protein needs, but not using meat products to get it. Grains that are not seen as much these days are being found in local grocery stores more and more as sources of proteins. These grains include freekah, barley and farro. Another trend that will include these sources of protein is breads and wraps that will only increase the protein source.

Beverage wise, the new super drink is a Japanese regular. Matcha is a high-quality green tea that is a fine powder which is mixed with water. It holds half the caffeine of a cup of coffee and much more in antioxidants and health benefits. Matcha can be made hot or cold and can be the next big thing in America; this is the new green tea.

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