Healthy Office Snack Ideas

Some people are just the snacking type, for whatever reason. Sitting in an office chair all day long and only having one meal all shift long to look forward to is a massive weight on any worker’s mind. That’s why it is so important to be able to find at least a handful or so of good-tasting but also healthy office snack ideas.

1. Almonds: One of the healthiest snack foods known to man and also extremely portable, the almond has little downside. They don’t require refrigeration and they can be easily grabbed by the handful, or thrown in your pocket. Stay away from the ones that are slathered in various spices and seasonings as they are often the ones that will do the least for your health. Look for raw and organic and if you want some extra flavor, consider a lightly salted option but be sure to drink plenty of water throughout your day.
2. Carrot slices: Tasty and generally pretty filling, carrot slices are a good snack compared to many others. Surprisingly, carrots are a bit more sugary than many other vegetables. That being said, they do contain excellent fiber and can help your vision if eaten regularly. This comes in handy for those staring at papers or computer screens all day.
3. Cucumber slices: Cucumber is another healthy, green vegetable that can be stored in any office refrigerator or cooler and is an inexpensive, but healthy option for office snacking. The secret is to cut them into circular slices to make the cucumber more snackable. You could get strange looks walking around with a cucumber like a leg of lamb, just chomping in every few steps.
4. Dried fruits: Fruit has a ton of extra water weight that makes them difficult to snack on throughout the day. Dried fruit contains all of the health benefits of regular fruit but are far more snackable and longer-lasting than regular fruit.
5. Celery slices: Celery, just like the other two vegetables already mentioned, make for great office snacking options. Interestingly enough, they contain what are known as reverse calories which means that digesting them actually burns more calories than they add to your body.

Any of the sliced vegetable ideas can be complimented with a healthy butter like almond butter or hemp butter. If you do choose to use peanut butter or any other “cheater” ingredient, use it sparingly and not on every stick.

If you were running out of good ideas for healthy office snacks then now you have a whole new assortment of ideas with which to experiment. Try them all and choose your favorites — all the while enjoying the benefits of a healthy life.

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