How To Dry Your Own Vegetables At Home

Vegetables are good for you; no one will deny that fact, but they are also short-lived. How many times have you opened up the refrigerator and found spoiled vegetables? This is why many people are drying vegetables, which helps preserve most nutrients and extend their life. Below we will discuss the many benefits of drying vegetables along with tips on how it’s done.

How to Dry Vegetables at Home

The truth is there are several ways that you can dry vegetables. One simple way that you can dry your vegetables is to buy an electric dehydrator, and just follow the directions on the device. The dehydrator is relatively small and can be placed on your kitchen counter.

You can also purchase or make a sun-dryer. A sun-dryer has its own set of directions, which you can follow if you choose that route. But you can also make your own using a flat surface like a table. Set the table outside, and grab some cookie sheets or something like aluminum foil where you will dry the edibles. You will also need a protective netting to–you know–keep the insects off your food. You need to clean the vegetables, and cut them thinly, especially thick vegetables. Then place them outside to dry for a day. You can dry anything from corn, zucchinis, squash, or cucumbers, but the truth is that you can virtually dry any vegetable as long as it is thin enough. Remember to keep vegetable pieces separated and in one single layer when drying. The vegetables are done when they are crispy.

You can also just use the oven by placing your pre-cut vegetables on drying trays, such as a cookie sheet. Preheat the oven to 130 to 140 degrees, and then place your vegetables inside. Let them dry until they are done. You want to make sure the vegetables are crispy, brittle, leathery, or shriveled.

Benefits of Drying

There are a few benefits to drying vegetables, like extending the life of the vegetables. The vegetables will also retain their vitamins and minerals.

You can seal the dried vegetables and take them with you on a road trip. This should help eliminate the amount of times you need to buy food. If you live in a snowy region, you can dry vegetables before winter so that you have plenty of vegetables to get you through the winter.

Of course, these are just some of the benefits, but it is clear to see that you will be saving money and time by drying your own vegetables.

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