Making Your Own Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks

If you are looking for a delicious, nutritious, and affordable fruit snacks, you will appreciate some good ideas. Mother Nature would be pleased to know that her fruits are being put to good use and providing nourishment for many. It is not difficult to make your own fruit snacks.

A Dried Fruit Recipe for You

You will enjoy this very nutritious fruit snack recipe; it is a healthy and tasty treat, and you can make it at your leisure right at home. The ingredients that you will need include the following items:

*one divided cup of water

*one half of a cup of gelatin powder

*one fourth of a cup of honey or maple syrup

*one cup of kombucha or fruit juice

*one cup of pureed fruit (your personal favorite fruit, you may use applesauce)

The Directions

*Have all of your ingredients all ready.

*Puree your fruit of choice to the consistency of the average applesauce, it will be o.k. if it is a bit thinner than applesauce.

*put aside one cup of fruit juice or kombucha.

*boil one half cup of the water.

*take the cool other half cup of water and place it in a medium sized bowl. A mason jar that is quart size will also work well.

*add one half cup of gelatin powder. Stir this very quickly and create a paste.

*very swiftly add the one half cup of boiling water and stir in a brisk manner.

*you should now have thick liquid.

*add either your honey or your maple syrup. You will need to stir it up well.

*add your kombucha or juice along with your pureed fruit. Stir this up very well; you may use a whisk or a spoon. A blender will do a nice job of mixing this up.

*pour the entire mixture into molds very swiftly. If you do not have molds a greased baking dish will work as well.

*once you have poured the entire mixture into the molds or baking dish, you will put the molds or dish into the refrigerator and allow it to set for approximately two to three hours.

*once this has cooled in the refrigerator, you will have a delicious and tasty freeze dried fruit snack to completely enjoy and it will be nourishing!

The Joy of Making Fruit Snacks at Home

You will discover that it is a very joyful experience to create your own fruit snacks. You will feel a sense of pride when you have healthy snacks to offer your family and your friends that you made with your own two hands. There are many recipes available for these types of fruit snacks; a quick search in the internet and you can enjoy a wide variety of nutritious, delicious snack foods.

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