Office Snacks: Eat Healthy At Work

The office environment can be tough at times, especially if you’re in the office for more than seven hours a day. That period after lunch or right before lunch could seem pretty lengthy if you’ve had a light breakfast or otherwise mediocre meal for lunch. Snacks can be a tasty way to get you safely past those hours and are easy to sneak into the office when need be. Their chief selling point is that they come in all sorts of varieties, shapes and ingredients. Most off-the-shelf snacks will most probably get you using more of those hours in the office loo if you’re not careful enough with what you put into your mouth. There are however healthier alternatives that can get you through the day while still looking out for your well-being;

• Dried fruits

Dried fruit is basically as the name suggests, fruit that has had almost all the soggy content removed and dried out. This helps preserve the fruit for longer. The most common types of dried fruit include apricots, prunes and dates. Typically, dried fruit contains the same amount of nutrients as a regular juicy fruit but in a more condensed package. Dried fruits are an excellent cradle of fiber which helps a lot for digestion.

• Cereal

Sugar-free cereals are an excellent way to stay healthy while running your errands at the office. Look for cereals that are particularly high in fibrous content if you’re famished.

• Nutrition bars

Energy and health bars are convenient snacks to toss in your desk or pocket. The best thing about nutrition bars is they come in different variations regarding what they offer the consumer. Protein bars are always great choices for the office.

• Vegetables

We are ideally supposed to guzzle down three servings of veggies a day, so you can never go wrong with veggies at your desk. Vegetables like carrots and celery sticks can be a great way to stay healthy while at the same time filling up. Prepackaged vegetables are always better-suited options for the office environment.

• Yogurt

A modest serving of yogurt can go a long way in your overall health. Yogurt contains good bacteria that helps with the digestive system. Good yogurt contains probiotics that help do away with harmful microorganisms that cause intestinal related problems. This tasty snack also helps with weight loss and is loaded with vitamins and proteins.

• Pretzels

These salty treats are low in fat content and give you enough carbs to keep you alert for the rest of the day. Although the best ways to eat them is to remove most of the salt.

Whichever you choose, snacks are always great accessories to have at your desk, the healthier, the better. They help to keep you alert during the day by providing constant short bursts of energy and keep the office munchies in check.

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