Office Snacks: Eat Healthy At Work

The office environment can be tough at times, especially if you’re in the office for more than seven hours a day. That period after lunch or right before lunch could seem pretty lengthy if you’ve had a light breakfast or otherwise mediocre meal for lunch. Snacks can be a tasty way to get you safely … Continue reading Office Snacks: Eat Healthy At Work

What Every Cat Owner Should Know About Freeze-Dried Food

It may seem like a new trend that cats are now eating raw food, but the reality is that they have been eating raw food for over thousands of years. Many people are just finding out about the raw food diet, because of the processed kibble and canned foods that are being recalled making them … Continue reading What Every Cat Owner Should Know About Freeze-Dried Food

Eat Raw To Stay Healthy

Adding more raw food to our diet enables us to stay healthy by ingesting vitamins, fiber and calcium that are vital to regulating our body functions. In fact, there are several other advantages of raw food. For instance, it allows us to retain essential water, which otherwise evaporates due to excessive heat in cooking. Besides, … Continue reading Eat Raw To Stay Healthy

The Power Of Superfoods

If you can get more nutrients in a single food item, why would you not include that on your grocery list? Superfoods are the so-called nutritional powerhouses. Get more essential vitamins, minerals and macronutrients with every bite or serving! These are great for weight loss, improving digestive and circulatory health and preventing illnesses. Taking these is … Continue reading The Power Of Superfoods