The Benefits of Freeze-Dried Foods

There are many ways to preserve meat, cheese, fruit and vegetables. Freeze dried food is one of the easiest and most nutritional ways to save fresh food for later use. Any type of food can be freeze dried. The benefits of freeze dried foods are varied, as we will discuss below.

1. One of the best things about freeze dried foods is they do not require any preservatives; freeze drying food preserves it in its most natural form. Freeze dried foods retain up to 90% of their coloring. This makes them look appealing besides preserving their nutrients.

2. Freeze dried foods not only weighs less, but they take up less room for storage. The reason they are so much lighter is because over 90% of the water is removed during the freeze drying process. Once the dried food is rehydrated, the nutritional value is close to what it was when it was fresh.

3. Freeze dried foods can be stored for as long as 30 years. This is true provided they are stored in a dry location, and they are stored at room temperature.

4. Almost any food can be freeze dried; this helps you save money on your food bill. Purchase or grow items in season, freeze dry them, and store for use all year long. You can also buy in bulk at a lower cost. Simply freeze dry your food, and you can have healthy meals for years to come.

5. Freeze dried foods are easy to use in the kitchen. They can be used in cooking and also for baking. Everything is precooked and already cut in serving sizes. All that is needed is to add water. Voila, an instant meal is ready in seconds!

6. Freeze drying food helps to prevent food waste. Since the shelf life of freeze dried food is so long, you will find you minimize throwing expensive food away. Additionally, you will also save considerably on food costs. To illustrate how much you can save, think about the cost of food 30 years ago. If you freeze dried food 30 years ago, it would still be useable today. That money you saved over time would truly add up to a huge savings on your food bill.

If you have never freeze dried food, it is time for you to try it. It is easy, saves time, saves money and tastes as good as fresh food. Try it, you might like it!

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