The Ten Most Popular Questions Regarding Freeze Dried Foods

There are numerous questions today regarding freeze dried foods, and we have the 10 most common questions and their answers below.

#1. How long will freeze dried foods last?

This depends on the type of food and how it has been sealed. A nitrogen sealed can will last for 25 to 30 years and an additional two weeks once it has been opened.

#2. Why should I freeze dry foods?

The process started toward the end of the seventies when the oil crisis caused a lot of people to stock pile food. When the economy is not doing well many people turn to freeze dried foods so they can have a large enough food supply to get them through rough times, or in case of emergency.

#3. The amount of energy required to freeze dry foods?

The process is energy intensive and is generally done in batches consisting of 3,000 pounds. The process takes 18 to 20 hours and the weight of the final product is 900 pounds. It takes 2.4 million Btu to heat the product.

#4. Who is the best at producing freeze dried foods?

The answer is the Mormons because the Church of Jesus Christ encourages their members to do so. They have vast experience and knowledge, and excel in the process. One Mormon company has expanded so far beyond the Mormon market they sell $2.4 million in freeze dried foods each year.

#5. Are freeze dried foods healthy?

The answer is yes. Berries alone retain ninety percent of the compound believed to prevent cancer. Once freeze dried foods have been rehydrated the nutritional value is like fresh foods.

#6. What is the process used to make freeze dried foods?

The three-step process has been around a long time. First the food is frozen, then placed under low heat in a vacuum chamber. The final phase removes any water molecules that are left under a higher temperature. The food is then nitrogen sealed.

#7. How do freeze dried foods taste?

Once the food has been rehydrated the flavor is good. The taste is very close to the fresh version of the same food.

#8. What is the difference between freeze dried and dehydrated food?

Dehydration heats the food using a fan so the moisture is removed. Freeze dried foods use a vacuum chamber. Since freeze drying does not use hot temperatures the flavor and nutrient level of the foods remain higher.

#9. How do I store freeze dried foods?

Freeze dried foods should be stored between 37 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit in a dark, cool space.

#10. What are the best type of containers for freeze dried foods?

The best containers to use are canning jars, cans and containers that can be vacuum sealed.

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