What Every Cat Owner Should Know About Freeze-Dried Food

It may seem like a new trend that cats are now eating raw food, but the reality is that they have been eating raw food for over thousands of years. Many people are just finding out about the raw food diet, because of the processed kibble and canned foods that are being recalled making them think about what they make their furry friends eat. Some of the great benefits of raw food eating are, the prevention of disease, better digestion, allergies going away, better nutrients in better doses, oral care, cleaner teeth, stool lessening and improvement of their health in general.

Some individuals are still a little grossed out by the ideal of feeding their favorite furry friend raw meat that they have at home. Many great raw foods come from the market that we know and love though. I would go as far to recommend Nature’s Variety Instinct. For most people though, the ideal of feeding a pet raw food is still a foreign concept. There are plenty of misconceptions on the safety of raw meat, including that the pet will get some sort of disease.

The rise in dehydrated and freeze-dried raw foods for cats is astounding, and really exciting. Freeze-drying was an act that was created by a pharmaceutical company. This was a way for the government to ship various life-saving medications to their soldiers. Freeze-drying or dehydrating can help to keep food fresh, with little to no loss of the nutrients that are in the food. When it comes to dehydrated or freeze-dried foods, all someone has to do to get the food prepared is add warm water, wait a little bit and then mix it. It is that easy.

There are a lot of companies out there making freeze-dried and dehydrated foods now, and they seem to be quite committed to the great quality of food. They will use all natural ingredients, and are most of the time free of genetically modified organisms, also known as GMO’s. Primal, Stella & Chewy’s and Nature’s Variety Instinct plus many more companies are starting to use HPP, a safety precaution put in to kill pathogens without having to use heat or irradiation processes. Many people write this technique off, but I personally think it is a good thing, who doesn’t like disease free food? It is my personal opinion that anyone who switches to dehydrated and freeze-dried cat foods, will be doing their cat a big favor, and that favor will not go unnoticed, cats love it!